Getting Started with KeepUs

Quick Start

Install the KeepUs app on your Android phone, filling in your email address and password in the app registration screen. Do the same on your friend's phone. Now, with their permission, using your friend's email and password, login to Go to Settings:Privacy and Sharing, and grant access to yourself. Now you can log in to and in a few minutes after doing the install, you'll see friend's information. You're done!

Installation Guide

To install KeepUs on an Android phone, open this page on the phone's browser and click the install button above. This will bring you to the Google Play app store's KeepUs page. Then click the install link.

When you start KeepUs for the first time on a new device, you'll be asked to enter some details:

The email address and password you enter here will be used to log into later. If you're installing the app for a friend or relative who doesn't have an email address, we recommend you set up an address with a free webmail provider.

Granting Access

Once the app is installed on both phones, you can setup access. Since KeepUs is usually used by friends and family of elderly people who may not be familiar with web browsing, KeepUs users often just get the permission of the person, and then use their login credentials to log in to the website and grant access.

When you login, go to Settings:Privacy and Sharing. Now enter the email address of the person you want to grant access to. Once you've done this, you should see their name appear in the list of people who have access. You can delete from the list whenever you want. When you delete someone from the list, they no longer have access, nor can they see any historical information about you on the website.

Granting access to carers.

Using KeepUs

Once you've installed the app and set up access, you can start using KeepUs. It will take a few minutes before the first information makes its way through the system.

The website homepage shows you a summary status for all the people who have granted you access. Click on a name to see the detailed view for that person.

Your KeepUs dashboard shows a summary status and location for each person.

The daily view

This is the view you'll spend most of the time looking at. The main elements are:
  1. The date picker lets you select a date to view. It defaults to "Today", but you can use the arrows to move forward or backward, or click on the box to select a date from the calendar.
  2. The daily view shows a summary of the person's day in a format similar to a schedule.
  3. If we detect that the person was at a location that you haven't named yet, we'll prompt you to add a name for it.
  4. The Recent Activity chart shows the last few hours of activity in detail.
  5. The activity chart shows you the full day, when they were active, and when they were resting.
The daily view shows a summary of where the person has been and how active they were during the day.

You choose different days to view using the arrows beside the date field, or click on the date field to select a date from the calendar.

For days in the past, you can see the places and activity profile. The activity profile has flags showing when each departure and arrival happened.
You can zoom in on the activity chart to see more detail.


You can see how much time was spent at each named location over the past two weeks. People find this useful to see how much time is spent in the home, visiting friends, going shopping and so on.

See where the person spends their time.


This page lets you set up alerts, so you can get a notification when the person changes location or starts moving. Just click the button for the type of alert you want.

Set alerts so you get notification on location change or motion.


The trends charts show daily activity trends for the past 2 months. Here you can see trends in activity time, the time spent sleeping, the time that a person is active from in the morning and so on.

See trends and changes to the daily routine.


You can add location names on the website at any time. When you look at your friend's status and daily routine, KeepUs will use the locations you've set up. This way, you'll see more meaningful information like "Departed Home at 9:45, arrived at Sallys Restaurant at 10:15".

KeepUs detects new locations and prompts you to name them.

If you want to set up a group of locations that you know will be important, go to Settings:Locations, and click "Add Location". Enter the address you want to label. When the marker is in the right spot on the map, enter a name and hit Save. If the location is big, like a shopping mall or a park, you can adjust the Size. The map will update to show you the area that's included.

Add a location


You can control who has access to your information in the Sharing and Privacy section under Settings. To revoke access, just click "Remove Access". To grant access, enter the email address of the person in the Grant Access form. This email must match their KeepUs credentials.

Granting access

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